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not a single ray of light on this silent night. walking and wandering alone in the darkness, following your scent that used to fill my body. at the end of my crumbling sight i see you who will drench my dry heart. is that a mirage ? is it you ? you’re getting farther away. in the strange maze where you trapped me, you’re so beautiful, i can’t even breathe.
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in your maze that i can’t escape from, i open my eyes but I’m still in this strange maze. even when I wake up from my dream, you, you. i’m in your maze, you, you. no matter how desperately i try to hold on, the golden love becomes ash. my burnt heart hardens like stone. broken wavelengths flow down. i take a step forward with a hurting heart. as i flush red, the deeply paved scar won’t let me forget you.
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my heart that hardened because of you, it can’t go on if it’s not you. your name deeply engraved in me, you’re the reason for my existence. waiting for you in this strange maze. in your maze, i don’t know where it ends. i open my eyes but i’m still in this strange maze. even when i wake up from my dream...
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acrobate ─ lorsque la lune est haute, tu ravis les yeux des touristes, tu te plies, te déplies, tu excelles. le grand cirque d'astéria, les fils des étoiles ont su t'apprendre et te faire partager leur passion.
tueur à gage ─ lorsque le soleil brille, tu te tapis, caché derrière son éclat. personne ne saurait te voir, personne ne saurait te retrouver. tu es le meilleur.

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Kill Or Be Killed EmptyVen 16 Mar - 14:26

i've nothing left to give you
and i'm so burnt out and lost
Kill Or Be Killed
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